Smiling, laughing, loving — what is behind the smile of our baby?

Smiling baby trying to make his mother to laugh back to him.
Social smiles appear earliest after 4 weeks of life. Kids try to make parents smile back as much as possible.

Smiles, laughter, giggles — as soon as the baby’s face lights up into a guileless smile, even the grumpiest passer-by melts and has to smile. Smiles are the reward for parents for all those sleepless nights and the manifestation of the connection which we yearn for from the first day of childbirth.

A smile tells us that everything is fine.

A smile makes us laugh back.

The smile makes us feel good.

When can a baby really start laughing? And why are they smiling?

What happens in the brain of a child and an adult when they laugh?

Does it have any effect on the development of the baby in the uterus and on the newborn, whether his mother often laughs or is depressed?

How can robotics help us to understand the effects smiles have on us?

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